Mineral water – the natural healer from ancient times

Mineral water – the natural healer from ancient times

Even before science could prove it, mineral springs were revered in different cultures around the world, where people and even animals instinctively knowing that immersing in a hot mineral spring made them feel better.

However, science can help us understand the details of why hot mineral springs have healing properties. Our skin, the largest organ of the body, functions as a shield, protecting us from all dangers. It does an amazing job of keeping harmful substances out, but at the same time has the ability to absorb beneficial ones from the environment – for example, those contained in mineral water.

хотел с минерална вода

Holiday at a hotel with mineral water

What’s better than combining the useful with the pleasant?

By choosing to stay at a hotel with mineral water, you will not only enjoy a more pleasant and relaxing holiday, but you will also boost your physical and mental health! Immersion in the warm mineral springs is a natural method for detoxification and effective treatment for a number of health conditions:

  • Skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema
    The skin absorbs minerals and nutrients from the mineral water that can help soothe and heal irritations, redness and inflammation.
  • Blood vessel problems

A number of studies have shown that regular immersion in warm mineral pools improves blood vessel health and circulation in a way similar to regular exercise.

  • Chronic pain
    Mineral water blocks pain receptors, which helps reduce painful symptoms in conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.
  • Mental health

Immersion in warm relaxing mineral water can reduce stress while relaxing the body and mind.

From the very first time you enter the pool or jacuzzi of our EMAR mineral water hotel, you will feel how the tension you have accumulated from your busy everyday life is released, and your body and mind are now at rest. The outdoor pool is open in all seasons, thanks to the high temperature of the mineral water, which allows its use even in the coldest months.

Don’t hesitate to bring your kids with you, as we also have an outdoor children’s pool with mineral water, which will also have a great effect on our youngest guests. Enjoy the healing power of mineral water and book your stay at EMAR Hotel – your hotel for a complete rest for mind and body!