Outdoor pool and wellness center

An outdoor pool with mineral water and a wellness center with a separate relaxation area are available for our guests.

Outdoor pool

The outdoor pool is open all seasons, even in the coldest months. The high temperature of the mineral water allows its use, even when there is a snow cover.

Wellness center

The wellness center is equipped with everything you need for maximum relaxation. Our guests can enjoy Sauna, large indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Salt Room, Adventure Showers, the children’s and the large outdoor pool with mineral water.


The healing properties of the water in Sapareva Banya are the reason why the region has been inhabited since ancient times. The oldest known name of the city, Germanea, was given by the Thracians and was associated with the hot mineral springs. According to scientists, in Thracian language “germanea” meant “hot water”. There are also hypotheses that Germanus was a Thracian god of heat.

The guests of EMAR Hotel can freely enjoy the healing properties of the mineral water. The outdoor pool and the Jacuzzi are available even in the coldest months.

The wellness center of EMAR Hotel offers the following facilities to our guests:

Steam bath

The steam bath raises the mood, because the temperature amplitude affects the hormone of happiness. The procedures are recommended for some skin problems, as well as for body cleansing (detox). It helps to stimulate the access of oxygen to the cells and is also recommended for weight loss. In one procedure, a person can usually burn up to 600 calories.


The sauna improves the vitality of the body and strengthens the immune system. The high temperature promotes rapid sweating, toxins are released from the body through sweat. The sauna helps the metabolism of substances in the body and relaxes the tension in the muscles. It favors a good and restful sleep and also boosts the metabolism. Sweating in the sauna leads to the removal of dead cells and bacteria from the upper layer of the skin, so the skin acquires a fresh and healthy appearance.

Salt room

With its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mucoregulatory effect, halotherapy supports the expectoration of secretions and the proper functioning of the respiratory system. It improves the overall health and defenses of the body by reducing stress, neutralizing free radicals and improving body functioning.

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Adventure showers

The adventure shower is mainly used to relieve stress and fatigue. It is the ideal option for a contrast procedure after the hot therapies in the wellness center of EMAR Hotel. The combination of strong water jets, pleasant music and light effects has a strong relaxing effect.

Relaxation area

The relaxation area of EMAR Hotel is located near the pool and the thermal areas. The ideal place to relax as much as possible after wellness treatments. The area offers luxurious sunbeds, relaxing music and a pleasant view.

Massage studio

We offer massages for the whole body – classic massage, relaxing massage and aroma therapeutic massage with organic vegetable and essential oils, massage with volcanic stones, anti-cellulite massage. We also offer partial massages for the scalp, back, shoulders and massage collar, a reflex massage for the feet, as well as reflex massage for the face.

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Outdoor pool with mineral water, outdoor children’s pool, outdoor Jacuzzi

Warm outdoor pool with mineral water. The pool has a Jacuzzi and a children’s pool. A wonderful mountain view is revealed from the hotel pool. During the summer season, guests can enjoy the sun rays in the mountain, and during the cold days, visitors can relax in the warm mineral water, and why not having a glass of aromatic wine.

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